Discover multi-functionality with Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350


Watch TV while surfing the internet with Samsung Syncmaster LT23A350

Before, we always dream of having a computer monitor that can actually be a TV at the same time and watch our favorite show while doing our work or just surfing the internet. And now Samsung introduces an innovation to monitors that extends it usage of computer screens to monitors that can also be an HDTV receiver. With this breakthrough found in Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350 monitor, it leads us to experience multi-functionality in terms of surfing the internet, home works and work presentation while watching our favorite TV series or news and lifestyle show in just one screen.

Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350 has an internal HDTV receiver that offers digital TV functions like show guide, auto-channel search and others. With its picture-in-picture function, it allows the users can open their internet browser while watching. It enables everyone to multi-task and maximize the usage of their monitor as the minimize space and electric usage.

(Showbiz Reporter and Host Chesca Litton sharing her Samsung experience)

Aside from the multi-functionality feature of Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350, this full LED HD (1920 x 1080) provides 250cd/m2 brightness and Mega DCR technology to make every image clear and sharp especially in HD motion videos and scenes. With this everyone can enjoy seamless details and realistic images of the show they are watching or just the photo they are looking in the internet. It also introduces diversified magic functions namely: Magic Angle, Magic Color and Magic Bright:

(Enjoy clearer and vivid images with Samsung LED functionality)

  • Magic Angle: Users can enjoy a pre-set angle of display with the best contrast and glowing screen even users are not facing the monitor. It fits users’ different usages of monitor, in particular to those who need to use multiple monitors simultaneously.
  • Magic Color: With the advanced intelligent color optimization technology, it conducts an auto-analysis of incoming RGB light signal and thus optimizing the output color to be more vivid and distinctive.
  • Magic Bright: A variety of special scene modes can be applied: text, internet, games, sports and movies. Optimal screen brightness and contrast are pre-set to provide the best experience to users at different occasions while the customization option allows users to customize the most desirable view.

(Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with powerful and clear sound through Samsung Syncmaster with Dolby Digital features)

Aside from the vivid and detailed images, we can experience sharper and clearer sounds with the SyncMaster as it supports Dolby Digital and SRS TheaterSound to make movie watching or gaming experience more fun.  This multi-function LED monitor of Samsung only cost Php 14,990 (SRP) and comes with a 3-year free standard warranty.

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