Dingdong Dantes joins Derek Ramsay and Piolo Pascual Dunkin’ Donuts’s ambassadors


The heartthrobs from the three TV stations are officially complete as Dunkin’ Donuts’s yummy endorsers.

Through the years, our taste has continuously leveled up and we become more adventurous with our choices. Dunkin’ Donuts understands this — that is why they keep on giving reasons to love the brand — from yummy treats like Boston Kreme and Choco Butternut, to its equally yummy endorsers – Derek Ramsay and Piolo Pascual. And this year, they are once again raising the bar with the Delicious DD Bar!

GMA Network’s “Primetime King” himself, Dingdong, is joining the Dunkin’ Donuts family! He has delighted us on-screen with his charm, and now will complete the brand’s trio of ambassadors, and will help dish out all the yummy offerings of Dunkin’ Donuts.

And to make it more exciting, get hooked on these delectable flavor-filled bars available in 5 delightful flavors. The dark chocolate-y Éclair, the coffee-sprinkled Tiramisu, the kreme-filled, Hazelnut- flavored Split Royale, the exquisite Matcha, and the fruity, white chocolate Lady Finger.

Donut lovers can combine these Delicious DD Bars with your favorite classic and premium donuts! For Php 299.00, enjoy 5 DD Bars with 6 Classic Donuts. Or for the same price, get 3 DD Bars with 2 Premium Donuts and 6 Classic Donuts.

Kicking off the new year with these 2 wonderful announcements definitely gives us Filipinos more reasons to love Dunkin’ Donuts. From brand new offerings to a brand-new ambassador line-up, Dunkin’ Donuts sure knows the Filipinos’ taste by heart.

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