Enjoy the mouthwatering fusion of coffee and ice cream in selected Starbucks Reserve


Starbucks is making the coffee experience in the Philippines more exciting by pairing their well-loved coffee brews with another all-time favorite Filipino comfort food – ice cream.

Starbucks Reserve is now offering new coffee-based ice cream beverages including Classic Affogato, the House Affogato, the Cold Brew and the Nitro Cold Brew Float, and the Cold Brew Malt.

Starbucks Reserve Classic Affogato

Starbucks provides a premium coffee experience, transporting its customers to the cafes of Italy with a staple dessert – the Classic Affogato which is made with two shots of Reserve® espresso poured over vanilla ice cream. The simplicity of pouring hot espresso over cold ice cream not only offers a rich creaminess at first taste, but exposes the nuanced flavors unique to each espresso.

Starbucks Reserve House Affogato

A sweeter and more indulgent variation of the Classic Affogato is the House Affogato that includes a drizzling of rich, caramelly Demerara syrup and a dusting of cinnamon which adds a subtle aromatic spice to the dessert.

Starbucks Reserve Cold Brew

Starbucks Reserve Nitro Cold Brew Float

There is also the Cold Brew Float for those looking for a little something extra for their mid-afternoon coffee run – a smooth and bold cold brew topped with a thick dollop of vanilla ice cream. Customers can also try the Nitro Cold Brew Float which is made with nitrogen-infused cold brew for a creamier finish.

Starbucks Reserve Nitro Cold Brew Float

Finally, there is the Cold Brew Malt, a drink that pays homage to the old-school malt milkshake but with a special coffee twist. This ultra-creamy drink is spindle-blended with cold brew coffee, vanilla ice cream, and malted milk.

Coffee lovers will surely enjoy the bitter-sweet taste in every sip whenever they want at the Starbucks Reserve. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in these dreamy, creamy delights at Starbucks Reserve® Westgate Alabang in Muntinlupa and Starbucks Reserve® Three E-com in Pasay.

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