MMFF 2016’s Oro digs into the tragic 2014 Gata 4 Massacre


Aside from the film Kabisera, Oro is another Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 entry that delves into a real-life-story. The film is inspired from the 2014 Gata 4 Massacre that happened in the Barangay Gata, Caramoan Camarines Sur that involved 4 residents. Alvin Yapan directed the film that follows the story of a gold mining community under the care of of Kapitana played by Irma Adlawan.


Other actors include Joem Bascon, Mercedes Cabral, Biboy Ramirez, Sandino Martin, Arrian Labios, and Ronald Regala.


The film reflects on the socio-political oppression where a simple community that dreams to have better life faces havocs at the hands of an armed group that misrepresents government authority. But Kapitana alone could not restore order alone especially when the people around her are blinded with greed and the only thing they know is to use their guns as their way to show power.

With Oro being in the final 8 of MMFF 2016, the cry for justice of the families of the victims in the Gata 4 Massacre will be finally heard once again. Oro together with the rest of MMFF 2016 entries are now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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