After 10 years, Saving Sally debuts in Metro Manila Film Festival!


It is officially making its way to the big screen! Saving Sally, a mix of 2D animation and live actors including Rhian Ramos, TJ Trinidad and Enzo Marcos. The Metro Manila Film Festival entry was directed by Avid Liongoren and produced by Rocketsheep Studio.

Saving Sally is perfect mixture of 2D animation and live actors with a typical youthful love story supplied with child-like fantasy elements. The main theme of the story is the love of Marcus (Enzo), a comic-book artist who sees every annoying people in his life as monsters including the person who is courting his bestfriend Sally (Rhian), a gadget inventor.


Avid shares that during the announcement of the final list of MMFF 2016 entries he was so shocked that he didn’t know what to do or to say especially it took them more that 10 years to finish the film. According to him, Rhian was not the first in the film and it was Anna Larrucea when the production started in 2005.

The dialogue is mostly in Engish which compliment to the main characters inclined graphic design, comic books and video games. It somewhat gives us the feeling of Space Jam, Sin City and Roger Rabbit.

Saving Sally is now showing in all cinemas together with the rest of the MMFF entries.

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