Endless possibiliTEAS with Lipton Yellow Label Tea


We all love Milk Tea, I worshiped Serenitea, Gong Cha, Bubble Tea and Tea.ology for my Hokkaido and Almond Milk Tea with grass jelly and bubbles (sago) on it. Tea drinking is becoming a fad once again among the Filipinos especially who wanted to explore the richer taste when teas are mixed with other flavors.  Tea drinking gives calming effect to those who are stress in work and help develop mental performance, alertness and cognitive ability. While for others it promotes good digestion and metabolism which is needed for weight management. With all the benefits that tea offers, Lipton Yellow Label Tea launched the “delicious possibiliTEAS” campaign to make everyone enjoy a healthy cup of tea with the right flavor by mixing other ingredients to satisfy your taste buds.

Last Saturday at the Calvin Deli in The Fort, Chef Rosebuds of Quickfire shared some few tips on how to make Lipton Yellow Label Tea extraordinary. Among the tips were how to make Cinnamon Chai Tea which is very common orders in Milk Tea stores. Ingredients include Lipton Yellow Label Tea, dash of Cinnamon powder, fresh milk, honey, nutmeg, ground cloves and cadomom.

I did my own version which I usually prepare at home and I call it Apple Cinnamon tea. It is made of Lipton Yellow Label Tea, three-four table spoons of apple juice, brown sugar, fresh milk, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon. The aroma that came from vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon gives a relaxing feeling and the sweet taste of apple mixed in Camellia Sinensis tea leaves of Lipton Yellow Label gives a comforting warm feeling which is best during a short break from a stressful work in the office or just want to enjoy a warm cup of it on a lazy rainy afternoon with a slice of banana bread or ensaymada.

So why don’t you explore and discover delicious possibiliTEAS with Lipton Yellow Label Tea. Mix it with your favorite fruit juices and powder and other spices and extracts to bring out a richer flavor and taste along with the healthy benefits that Lipton tea offers.  Yellow Label Tea and other Lipton products is available in all groceries and convenient stores nationwide.

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