Experience the Glamour of Japan with RCBC Bankard JCB Platinum card


RCBC Bankard and JCB have worked tirelessly to provide its cardholders with the very best promotions offered in Japan. And after almost two decades of working together, they bring their partnership to new heights when they launch their latest premium product, the RCBC Bankard JCB Platinum card.

Enjoy everything that Japan has to offer with the new RCBC Bankard JCB Platinum Card. Visit the tourist hotspots and see the side of Japan that everyone gets to see:

Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the Happo-en Garden. Happo-en Garden’s Muan teahouse in Minato-ku, Tokyo offers two different types of tea ceremonies for its paying customers. Tenchais where customers are served matcha green tea along with the season’s wagashi confectionery while the other, by reservation, Otemae offers customers a lesson in the proper etiquette of enjoying Japanese tea. The prestigious Muan teahouse was built during Japan’s Meiji period and is located in one of the most beautiful gardens in the whole country.

Stay at a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. From Hokkaido to Kyushu, luxury ryokans are found in almost of all of Japan’s major prefectures. Ryokan’s aren’t just your run of the mill hotel or bed and breakfast; these are experiential inns where guests are treated to the ultimate traditional Japanese lifestyle. From the fresh local cuisine to the traditional Japanese futons and even the on-site onsens and open-air hot baths, a stay at a Japanese ryokan is a memorable one for sure.

Shop at Ginza. Though intimidating at first glance, the concrete jungle that is Ginza is home to world famous high-end brands. At every corner, well known names like Chanel, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, and the like are waiting to greet eager shoppers with an open wallet. Ginza is widely known to be one of the poshest and swankiest districts in all of Tokyo, ready to welcome avid shopaholics from all over the world.

Watch Kabuki theater. Kabuki is the classical Japanese dance-drama, famous for its extravagant makeup and traditional costumes and music. A night at any of Japan’s famous Kabuki theaters is one that is sure to be full refined culture and art.

Japan is any tourist’s dream, and any tourist eager to explore the more glamorous side of the country will be pleased to know that these activities can be well within their reach sooner than they think.

So, update those bucket lists and prepare to #GoPlatinumWithRCBCBankardJCB.

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