Enjoy YouTube online streaming for only Php 10/hour


With the YouTube app available in all smartphone devices and with a wider coverage of mobile Internet, it is easy for us to escape from our very stressful day at work or school not to mention the tiring traffic in EDSA. And with the numbers of Smart subscribers visiting YouTube everyday increase they make it more affordable and easy on the budget.

Smart unveils the Video Timeout 10 bundle where YouTube fans can access the app anytime and anywhere for only Php 10 per hour. The bundle is valid for one day as the consumption if 1 hour or 60 minutes. Text VIDEO10 to 9999 to avail and Php 10 will be deducted on your prepaid account followed by the message confirming of your registration.

And here are the 4 reasons why the Video Timeout 10 is perfect for you:

  1. Easy on the budget. The Video Timeout 10 is equivalent to 4 pcs quail eggs or black coffee in your office vendo machine. So skip your caffeine fix or cholesterol loading for the day and enjoy watching your favorite Tasty recipe or make up tutorial.
  2. Being lunchtime loner can be fun. You’re on a budget? Doesn’t like office gossips and drama? Or simply you are not the friendly one in the office. Eating in your office table alone is not bad at all just subscribe to Video Timeout 10 and enjoy 1 hour of YouTube streaming of the teleserye highlights you miss like Wildflower, Ika-6 na Utos, La Luna Sangre and FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.
  3. Perfect for your kids online consumption. Kids nowadays know how to navigate on your smartphone or tablet. For parents who use the Internet access as reward or letting them to watch on YouTube on their free time but they end up abusing them. With the Video Timeout 10, you can easily limit their access for an hour especially their YouTube streaming. There are Kid’s Zone or Mode in some of the Android devices so you can install YouTube only and let them enjoy for an hour. If you don’t have Child Friendly Mode on your device just don’t forget to switch on to Child.
  4. Your quick escape from boredom. Stressful traffic on EDSA, Waiting on the very long line on MRT. Killing time at the office. Need inspiration for your pitch. Or you are simply bored at work or at home. That quick escape can help you ease that stress, gives you inspiration, or simply wanting to to getaway from your current surroundings. Video Timeout 10 is the answer to catch some tech reviews, Tedx Talks or funny clips. And because of the pause and play your usage you can maximize your usage.

The Video Timeout 10 promo is available on Smart Prepaid

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