Ronaldo Valdez is KFC’s first Filipino colonel


We are all right, veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez will be KFC’s first Filipino colonel defeating co-veterans Leo Martinez and Pen Medina. In the latest video releases by KFC in all their online platforms, they showed Ronaldo doing an oath for KFC in front of the supporters of the fastfood chain. Instead of bible he is putting his hand on top of the bucket of chicken with the promise that he will keep the 7 herb spices that make every KFC chicken delicious secret. Of course Pen and Leo are also in the video watching him on TV while enjoying their chicken drumsticks from KFC.

Watch the video below:

Still we don’t know if how long the campaign with Ronaldo will run for KFC and I’m excited to see what other campaigns that KFC will be doing with him in the succeeding days.

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