Zanjoe Marudo confirms split-up with Bea Alonzo


Last night in Tonight with Boy Abunda, Zanjoe Marudo appeared in the show to promote his show Tubig at Langis that marks his reunion with Cristine Reyes after the 2010 primetime show Precious Hearts Presents Kristine. In the show, Boy Abunda directly asked that if he and Bea Alonzo broke-up. Zanjoe answered yes and shared that this is no easy way in break-up and he need to undergo the process.

Zanjoe 2

Boy asked apology for opening the break-up issue to Zanjoe and told him just pray. In the fast talk Boy about when was the last time when he cried and he said last night. In one of the questions of Boy, he said that he believes in second chances. According to him love it worth fighting for.

Bea and Zanjoe

Meanwhile, Boy asked Zanjoe about his roots about being a Batangueno. He said that nothing has change with him coming from Batangas. He shared that he returned to his hometown once in awhile and dreams to build a farm house. He said that he misses doing modeling where he started and he confirmed that he in communication with his friends.


Zanjoe’s Tubig At Langis will be airing on February 1 and will be playing Natoy. He shared that in the story he married the character of Christine despite that the mother of Natoy disproves it because she wanted Isabelle Daza’s character to be the one for him. According to him it will be in Kapamilya Gold and it is directed by FM Reyes.

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