How to feel less busy


Do you feel like you need to slow down? Being incredibly productive 24/7 is what today’s life speed dictates us. All we do is worrying about making everything done by the end of the day, which may be pretty exhausting. So, how to feel less busy?

We often feel the lack of time. This happens because of the huge gap between what we are planning to do and what we can really accomplish. And this gap is growing.

Recognize the defeat

It is impossible to do everything as we are limited with time. If our resources are time and money than we should give up one of them. This is actually good news because we should not feel sorry about things we didn’t manage to accomplish.

Learn to say No

Time is a precious thing. Being somewhere on time gives us a feeling of accomplishment. The truth is that in the real world if you are early – you are on time, and if you are on time – you are late. If you feel that you have been incredibly busy recently, just try to manage your time in a right way. The only true way to do it is to say No when needed.

Be honest with yourself

If you have a task you get requires 3 days to accomplish it, do not say that you will handle it in 1 day. The more honest you are, the more successful and productive you’ll become.

The thing is that it is significant to realize how much time you need to do your job. If you realize that, you will never be late with your job done. This will be a great benefit for your career. Besides, being late with your job all the time is rather stressful for both you and your clients.

Manage your working day

The more a machine is working, the bigger piece of work it does. However, it does not mean people should function the same way.

We are productive when we are interested in the process we are working on. When we are dealing with something boring or irritating, we feel every second we spend on that process. An hour of active work will give us better results than three hours of tortures. That is why we need to deal with all the important tasks in the right part of the day.

Do not put blind trust in business

It often happens that other people ask or even insist that we do something for them. They are so worried about their own results that can easily lie on the matter of time. The one may convince you that the task will take 2 hours max. However, if you feel that it will take much more time, do not go under one’s girdle – say No with firmness. Be honest with yourself.

Spend some time on public activity

Don’t say that busy people don’t have time on the public activity. It is nonsense! Public activity is able actually to improve your time management and make you feel more productive. Scholars say that the best way to feel time abundance is to spend it on public activity. Consider being a volunteer, for example. Doing useful thing for people as a volunteer makes us feel self-effective.

Get enough sleep

It may seem like you’ll never manage to accomplish all the tasks if you sleep more than four hours. But the truth is your body, as well as your brain, requires a healthy seven or eight-hours sleep. This is a way to being really productive. Besides, if you have enough rest, you will be able to see the bigger picture and avoid some stupid mistakes (which also require time to correct them). A good sleep will enable you to see the iceberg before it hits the Titanic.

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