Big Brother introduces Tanner Mata in It’s Showtime


Before the regular housemates enter the Pinoy Big Brother house that will be happening very soon, Big Brother introduces his second housemate and he is the Incredible Hunk of Nueva Ecija, Tanner Mata. The first regular housemate that was introduced in PBB Season 7 was Nguyen Thi Up Thuy or simply Thuy during the celebrity edition that was held in Vietnam. She was given a task by Kuya and made them believe that she was a Vietnamese housemate. Until the Lucky task was completed, Thuy revealed that she understand them as they speak Filipino because she was a Vietnamese born in Palawan.


Meanwhile, Tanner immediately captures the attention of Vice Ganda because of his physique. He is an international model at the age of early 20s. He only understand little of Tagalog.

With Tanner, entering the Big Brother’s house on October 29. How will he capture the hearts of the viewers and fellow housemates aside from being a person with a pretty face and body?

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