Yes FM DJs challenges Easy Rock and Barangay LS FM to do the #DrugTestChallenge


After Love Radio initiated the Drug Test Challenge to support President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against drugs and to show that the radio industry condemns use of illegal substance in the community, the Yes FM DJs accepted the challenge. Last September 6, in their official Facebook Page the video of the DJs showing the result of their drug test. All DJs in the Yes FM were tested negative from illegal drugs.

Following Love Radio’s campaign, Yes FM invites Easy Rock and Barangay LS FM to do the challenge. Will the 2 radio stations accept the challenge?

Aside from the radio disc jockeys, Star Magic already conducted drug test in their 40 talents including Jake Cuenca, Diego Loyzaga and Enrique. Also big stars like Claudine Barretto, James Reid, Solenn Heusaff and Luis Manzano volunteered to do drug test. All the artist were negative from drugs.

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