StarMagic addresses drug rumors connecting some of their artists


With the all out campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte against drugs in the Philippines where he previously named some politicians, judiciary and members of the armed forces, there are rumors that some personalities from the entertainment industry are also involve in the substance abuse. There are names came out from speculations and rumors of the netizens pointing their fingers on some celebrities whom they think are using the said substance.

And to address the rumors and put end on the speculations, StarMagic, the talent management under ABS-CBN conducted a supervised and voluntary drug test for 40 of its artists to belay rumors of drug use in its community. And the results were 100% negative for Jake Cuenca, Enrique Gil, Diego Loyzaga and the rest of the magic artists.

StarMagic believes in the efforts of the current campaign to keep our homes and working environments drug free.

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