Showbiz royalties Paolo Valenciano and Nicco Manalo star in PETA Theater’s 3 Stars and A Sun


Opening on February 4 until March 6, Philippines Educational Theater Association (PETA) will be paying tribute to the music of the master rapper Francis Magalona in their latest musical entitled 3 Stars and A Sun. With a futuristic approach, the musical will take us inside the stormdome where Luminos are the ruling class while the suppressed community is called Diliman. Same political situation but with new set up and characters and this is the story that 3 Stars and A Sun will convene to their theatergoers especially the voters who will be deciding on the 2016 National Election.


Included in the main actors of the musical are showbiz royalties Paolo Valenciano and Nicco Manalo who will be joining Gold Villar, Gio Gahol, Che Ramos-Cosio, Carla Guevara Laforteza, Bodjie Pascua, Raffy Tejada,Anna Luna, Jet Barrun, John Moran, Nar Cabico, Lee Villoria, EJ Pepito, Anj Heruela, Gab Pangilinan, Jef   Flores, Norbs Portales, Jason Barcial, Raflesia Bravo, Yesh Burce, Lance Busa, Roi Calilong, Gimbey dela   Cruz, Nica Santiago, and Ian Segarra in the musical.


Valenciano is the son of Mr. Pure Energy and one OPM icons Gary Valenciano. Just like his dad he has talent in singing, which he was part of the band called Salamin and decided to go solo few years ago. In the musical, Paolo plays the role of Chino the son of Lumina leader Vidame Inky. With his ambition to follow the footstep of her mother and be the leader of stormdome in the future he will ignore the truth even he saw it with his own two eyes.


Meanwhile, Manalo the son of the comedian Jose Manalo of Eat Bulaga is not new in doing theater which he played various role including the clown in Titus Andronicus: Tinarantadong Asintado of Dulaang UP and several indie films where he won Best Supporting Actor in Cinemalaya 2014 for the film The Janitor. In 3 Stars and A Sun, he plays the role of Sol the leader of Tropang Gising, the rebel group from Diliman. Wounded by the past because her mother left him, his aim is to overthrow Lumino and bring equality inside stormdome.

With the story of the two sons from different part of stormdome, Chino and Sol who will emerge as the hero? Find out in PETA Theater’s 3 Stars and a Sun at the The PETA Theater Center, No.5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City from Feb 4 to March 6. For tickets contact PETA (02) 725-6244, or TicketWorld (02) 891-9999,


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