Sarah Geronimo hopes Matteo Guidicelli will be her last (boyfriend)


It seems that the Popstar Royalty is very open with her feelings with her boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli and she’s very much inlove with him. In an interview after her contract signing with Jag as her latest endorsement, Sarah is now becoming open to her relationship with Matteo since   she confirmed her relationship last June 2014.

With the issue still concerning Sarah’s parents not fully accepted the actor-athlete for her, she was asked on the Matteo’s having the hard time dealing with her father. Sarah answered that she cannot divulge the details, which she wanted to take their relationship more private which she wanted to respect her boyfriend and the privacy of her family.


Regading her mother, Sarah she gradually accepts the fact that she’s already mature and they are now allowing her to go out on a date with Guidicelli without a chaperone. Sarah clarified her statement of she might not end up with Matteo, according to her that she cannot dictate the future but she hopes he will be her last.

Sarah said she is praying for their relationship, which according to her, she still has a lot to learn about it. She shared that it was a big leap for her and she’s still on the learning process. Though she’s already in the marrying age, she said that her knowledge on relationship still zero or somewhat in an elementary level.

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