Go beyond the conventional with Samsung SyncMaster 3D LED Monitor


Samsung brings another innovation in terms of monitors as they introduce the SyncMaster 3D LED Monitor in the market. These 27 inches Samsung Monitor can actually convert a 2D videos, photo or games to 3D images in just one push of a button. With the 3D HyperReal Engine, it produces vivid 3D images without dizziness. It also has Ultra Clear Panel that enhances color contrast for sharper and detailed images.

This feature comes with two Samsung 3D Active Glasses that supports images up to 1920 x 1080 resolutions or 16.7M colors to make images more vibrant and realistic. With this feature everyone can enjoy the sense of realism in every image from photos, videos and games to make it more exciting and real. It is also equipped with Eco Motion Sensor that helps to conserve energy where it senses body heat in front of the monitor which switches off and on automatically when this feature was on. And with the Eco Light Sensor where it automatically adjusts brightness depending on the surrounding to minimize glare and to more comfortable to the viewer’s eye.

(With Samsung 3D LED's Ultra Clear Panel it gives sharper images that everyone will enjoy)

The 3D LED Monitor of Samsung or also known as the SA950 series comes in elegant design that is eco friendly and free from any environmental hazards like Freon, lead, and mercury. The glass like finish (silver), with its crystal clear acrylic stand fits for those who wanted to combine elegance but with less space. The monitor can easily move to one space to another because it only weighs 5.9 kg.

(It comes with 2 pairs of 3D Active Glasses that supports images up to 1920 x 1080)

Like the rest of Samsung SyncMaster Monitors, the 3D LED monitor of Samsung is equipped with the “Magic” features:

• Magic Angle: Users can enjoy a pre-set angle of display with the best contrast and glowing screen even users are not facing the monitor. It fits users’ different usages of monitor, in particular to those who need to use multiple monitors simultaneously.

• Magic Color: With the advanced intelligent color optimization technology, it conducts an auto-analysis of incoming RGB light signal and thus optimizing the output color to be more vivid and distinctive.

• Magic Bright: A variety of special scene modes can be applied: text, internet, games, sports and movies. Optimal screen brightness and contrast are pre-set to provide the best experience to users at different occasions while the customization option allows users to customize the most desirable view.

(With its elegant design it fits in small spaces)

The Samsung 3D LED Monitor (SyncMaster SA950) is now out in the market its price is Php 31, 900 (SRP). It comes with the 3-year free standard warranty.

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