Facebook now offers Video Calling via Skype Application


After the beta release of Google + where the social network giant Mark Zuckerberg has allegedly has account on it, another trending topic happening now with the Facebook CEO as he announced the incorporation of Skype service on FB. After forging partnership with Skype, Facebook users can now do their video calling, sending text messages and do phone calls without leaving their accounts or switching windows. And all they need to do is to go to the Skype Page on Facebook and use the application it will just require them to log in and sync their skype account with FB.

For those who wanted to try the Skype service on Facebook, there will be two options either install the 5.3 version of Skype for Windows that allow users to news feeds from your friends where you can post comments or “like” their status and post your status too without going to your wall. Another option is to install the beta 5.5 Skype for Windows that gives users more options like sending instant messages directly to Facebook chat, a premium paid option is available for those who wanted to get unlimited phone calls to Canada and US and have group chat for more than 10 people. Service fee remained the same in all Skype services even it is in Facebook.

Even there’s a news about Microsoft acquiring Skype, Skype CEO Tony Bates who will lead the new Microsoft Skype division says in news.cnet.com that nothing will change on the partnership between Skype and Zuckerberg.

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