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Two years ago, Red Mobile was introduced in the market and they gave away SIM Cards to those who wanted to test their service. I was one of those who availed it, and I got my 5 (five sim cards) to test, it worked in Quezon City where I work, but when I tried it at home (Malabon City) it didn’t because the signal that time in our place was weak, it takes 5-10 times sending attempts just to get the text message delivered to the recipient. I was planning to avail the Red Tag promo of Red Mobile where they offer 3G phones that go with low rates sms and call services of Red.

That was in 2009, now after two years I tried testing the Red Mobile again, the Sim Pack only cost 29 pesos. Like other mobile networks, Red Mobile Sim Card is easy to activate just send a text message, make a call, or load credit automatically actives the sim card. After activation, I initially received an infotext informing me that I have free 30 minutes free call to Red and Smart Network and unlimited text to Red. This time, I activated my Red Mobile sim card at home and there’s no more signal problem.

Red Mobiles comes with so many call and text promos that fit in all lifestyle. The latest was the Red Mobile Crazy Low Rates, this was the promo that Derek Ramsay is currently endorsing. It gives Red Mobile subscribers to send unlimited text messages to other Red Mobile subscribers for as low as P4 (text TU4 to 9949), and unlimited call and text for as low as P8 9 text CTU8 to 9949). The said promo is only valid within 24 hours after successful registration.

Being a mobile network empowered with Smart, the best call and text promo that everyone should also avail with Red Mobile is the Unlimited Combo. For as low as P10, Red Mobile enables their subscribers to avail unlimited call and text to Red Mobile and 10 minute call to Smart for 1 day, with free 20 text message to other networks. Making the Red Mobile subscribers save as much as 40 pesos, where 1 peso per text message to other networks, 2 pesos per minute call to Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Infinity, and of course the unlimited calling to Red Mobile, which it only cost P 0.50/min.

I am always conscious with budget and it good to see that Red Mobile only charge its subscribers P0.50 for every text message sent not only to Red Mobile but also to other Smart products. Red also offers the lowest call rate of P 0.50/min (Red to Red), P2/min (Red to Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Infinity) and P6.50/min in other networks.

Lastly, Red Mobile enables its subscribers to avail its services in 2 ways; first is the usual loading of regular load and registration to the service, and second through automatic registration via purchasing Call and Text Unlimited Cards at any Smart retailers and loading stations.

For those with tight budget, Red Mobile is something that everyone should consider. Visit http://redmobile.com to know more of their promos and services.

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