>Dell introduces Vostro Laptops for Small and Medium Business Owners



In line with the growing community of the small and medium business (SMBs) owners here in the Philippines and other part of the world, Dell decided to introduce additional laptops under the Vostro 3000 series. The Dell Vostro series were introduced 2 years ago according to Tan Hiang, Dell’s Senior Brand Manager in the South Asia office. According to him they added more models that will cater the needs of SMBs and consumers who are into designs and utilizations that are now known as the Vostro 3000 series.

(Tan Hiang, Dell’s Senior Brand Manager in the South Asia)

Dell Vostro 3000 series laptops range from 12.1 to 17.3 inches wide screen depending on what model that the consumer will be getting. It comes in three colors, Aberdeen Silver, Lucerne Red, and Brisbane Bronze; all are in aluminum case and making it stylish and sophisticated. The new Dell laptops only weigh between 1.94 – 2.70 kg depending on the model and thin dimensions. With that specs Dell ensures their consumers that they will still have the same durability and quality that their products is known.

Vostro 3000 series comes with new features to answer the needs of their consumers;

1. Free-fall Sensor – a feature that will secure the hard disk from any damage caused by extreme shaking of the laptop, bumping and accidental fall.

2. Long Battery Life – for Dell users who are always on the go, an 8-hour battery life can be a saving grace for those who has no access to electric plugs, there are also 9-cell battery available for those who wanted more than 8-hour battery life.

3. Key board backlight – one of the features that Dell introduces in the Votro 3000 series laptop is the backlight options on the key boards that enable the users to see the letters clearly when typing in dark areas or with uneven lighting.

4. Fast Transfer – For those hates waiting for so long when transferring files from external or internal hard drive to their laptops, Vostro 3000 series will solve that problem. It transfers files less than a minute depending on the size making it 10 times faster than the usual data transfer in other computers.

Dell Votro 3000 series comes with the latest Intel Core processor technology with Core i7 Quad Core Processor as optional to the buyers and Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. All models has integrated WLED webcam and microphone for clear video conference, with 802.11g/n wireless LAN, Bluetooth, WWAN mobile broadband. It also enables the owners to encrypt their files with finger-print security and with an access to Dell’s DataSafe for online back up protection and help them recover business critical data. For SMBs and consumers who don’t have in house IT officers, DellConnect, Dell’s on-call tech-support agents that will help them troubleshoot and resolve system issues remotely.

For more information and to purchase Dell Vostro 3000 laptops, visit http://www.dell.com/vostro. All products comes with 1-year warranty, and for those who orders via Dell’s website there’s a FastTrack program that enables the buyer to receive his purchased products within 48 hours, laptops cost from $800-$500, that is around P26, 000 to P36,000 depending on what Vostro 3000 series model that the buyer will be purchasing.

Vostro 3000 series includes; Vostro V13, Vostro 3300, Vostro 3400, Vostro 3500 and Vostro 3700.

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