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iPhone, iPad, iPod and all that’s starts with “small letter i” lovers are now rejoicing with the release of the new iPhone 4 that is now currently trending on the internet and sure will be selling like hot cakes online and on Mac Stores.

What will be expecting with the new iPhone 4 is it has video calling on real time where you can use both cameras from the front and at the back with the use of the Face Time application that is now automatically installed in iPhone 4. It also has retina display where the resolution of the iPhone 4 is crisper, vibrant with a higher and more detailed pixel. Now that iPhone 4 has 5 Megapixel camera to make the photos and videos clearer it’s fun to record videos with an HD recording and editing application that will be out online soon.

All fantastic and amazing features and applications from iPhone 3G is still in iPhone 4 but this time it enables users to multi-task that without draining the battery and with the smarter way to change from one application to another, iPhone 4 makes it sleek in changing application without slowing the phone’s performance.

iPhone 4 is now powered by Apple A4 Processor with the stainless steel band making it more fashionable with an easy grip and the first phone that has gyro-accelerator with a built-in three-axis gyroscope. With the weight of 4.8 ounces or 137 grams comes out in two colors white and black and on 16 GB and 32 GB memory.

iPhone 4 will be out on June 24 and pre-orders are accepted beginning June 15.

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