>Movie Review: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ‘s The Last Song


>Another Nicholas Sparks best-selling novel adapted to a film caught my attention after the release of Message in the Bottle and the Notebook on the big screen – The Last Song. The film is directed by Julie Anne Robinson and produced by Touchstone Pictures and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures International. The Last Song will be showing in all theaters nationwide beginning May 12 2010.

The movie is about the reunion of a prodigal daughter named Ronnie played by Miley Cyrus and estranged father named Steve played by Greg Kinnear. The film narrates the how Ronnie and Steve works out their relationship and on the side Will played by Liam Hemsworth connects himself to Ronnie’s character and create a romantic relationship in the amidst of a huge gap in terms of the social status. Complication begins when characters begins to invades each other’s spaces and try to reach out to one another.

Sparks never fails with the use of conversational letters in his entire novel which shows perfectly in the movie. Aside from the inspiration, Sparks sometimes has a little bit of morbid novelist making his main character die to add up to the emotions of the remaining characters, and what can I say they picked the right artists to portray the Miller family, including Jonah played by Bobby Coleman and Kim played by Kelly Preston. The story tells that in life sometimes second chance is worth given a chance or else it can be too late to see its worth. I like the line where Steve drops the line Love is sometimes fragile and not all of us are good care takers of it.

Aside from the right choice of the characters and the story line, there are two thinks I like in the movie, scoring and the camera angels that adds up to the theme and mood of the scenes. Music or scoring is important to me in watching the film it sets the mood of the viewers as they attached themselves to the characters of the story. Lastly camera angles is important to me on how the scenes especially the important one being captured, it is scenic, panoramic, close up, panned or tilted. It creates the feel that the lenses are the eyes of the viewers and making them peeks, or be part of the scenes. There are three scenes I love in the film, the conversation of the doctor and Ronnie where it shows that the camera or the viewers is also sitting on the other side of the corner in sympathy to Ronnie, second the scene where Ronnie tries to finish the song and cuts to the scene with her father it creates the idea of fulfilling what was not done before and lastly becoming the eye of the characters, most of the films camera was established in the back of the character as he or she looks on a particular subject but with this film, the director let us see or look a certain subject on a character perspective making us feel the emotion that was established in the character; curiosity, excitement or love.

The Last Song also includes stars Nick Lashaway, Carly Chaikin, Nick Searcy, and Melissa Ordway, and it is the 6th best-selling novel of Nicholas Sparks being adapted as a film; the other five includes Message in the Bottle, The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, Dear John, and Nights in Rodanthe. The film will be shown in all theaters nationwide beginning May 12.

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