>Discover Digital Media and ICT breakthroughs on Singapore Expo 2010


>On June 15-18, 2010 there will be two big events that will happen on the annual Singapore Expo that will happen in Singapore with hundreds of exhibitors presenting and thousands of participants who will be joining the events. Two simultaneous exhibits will be at the 2010 Singapore Expo; The CommunicAsia2010 / EnterpriseIT2010 that will occupy halls 3-6 and will be presenting new discoveries and strategies in the field of Infocomm technology (ICT) and the BroadcastAsia2010 / InteractiveDME that will occupy halls 7-9 will be focusing on digital media breakthroughs and other related multimedia platforms.

Experience the merging technology and information on the CommunicAsia2010 / EnterpriseIT2010 that will let its participants discover how to utilize information to business driven content. From the exhibitors’ side, products like applications, solutions and hardware that will help entrepreneurs and businessmen to strengthen their campaign on information and communication with the use of latest devices and technologies like what the leading exhibitors will be offering on the said event. Exhibitors for the CommunicAsia2010 / EnterpriseIT2010

Halls 7-9 is dedicated to the BroadcastAsia2010 / InteractiveDME exhibit , the event focus on the digital media and related platforms on broadcasting and production. The conference merges the ideas and aspirations of the broadcast industry and connects it to the consumers particularly to the decision makers, buyers and future distributors/vendors. With the top exhibitors participating in the event; Global Broadcast Supply, Playbox, Maxpeak, Essel Shyam, CTE Digital Broadcast and other leading companies in relation to media platforms will be helping the participants of the exhibit to discover how to utilize their content and distribute it in all platforms like the internet, mobile and others for additional income generating content particularly to those who is part of the entertainment and broadcast industry.

The two events will happen at the Singapore Expo Hall on June 15-18, participants who wish to join the event visit http://www.communicasia.com for CommunicAsia2010 and http://www.broadcast-asia.com for the BroadcastAsia2010. The 100, 000 square meters venue will be filled with exhibitors and leading business owners that manage to expand their company and master their field who ventures in different technology breakthroughs.
includes ZTE, Samsung, Electronics, Viasat, Yahoo!, C2SAT Communications, Asia Broadcasting Satellites and other leading companies and agencies in the field of ICT.var addthis_pub=”angsawariko”;

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