>DP Pure Environment, Inc. helps to solve RP Trash Problem


>March 15, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza, Pasig City – DP Pure Environment Inc., introduces an alternative way to convert trash to fertilizer that will help to Philippines in solving its problem in garbage. According to J.M. Lee, CEO of DP Pure Environment Inc they will be building a factory in Lima, Batangas that will collect garbage in Metro Manila and convert it to water-free fertilizer. With an initial budget of 12 Million Dollars the project will be fully operated with 6-7 months.

“Every kind of waste produced, even glass with its hexagonal molecular structure, can be broken down into organic fertilizer.”, this was the assurance of Lee during the press conference of DP Pure Environment, Inc. where 50 percent of the garbage will be converted to organic fertilizer and the remaining 50 percent will gone during the process. After exhaustive research and testing in Korea for the past twenty years, Lee opted to bring the technology to the Philippines. “The obvious choice for many people would have been China, due to its proximity and large population,” he admitted, “but I wanted to come to the Philippines because the investment climate and general atmosphere is quite appealing to the group.” Aside the Philippines, the said project were implemented in Korea and China, while some of fertilizers were exported and used in Japan.

Lee lives in the Philippines for almost 5 years where he believes that it is proper to implement this project as an exchange to the hospitality that he receives in the country. He chooses Batangas as an initial venue for the project because of the reason it is not over crowded unlike in any part of the Metro Manila.

In regards with the finish product – fertilizers, Lee assures that it is chemical-free and safe to handle, unlike many existing fertilizers currently on the market. “Our fertilizer has been extensively tested on farmland and staple crops such as rice and the results have been nothing but positive. Fertility of tested crops increased as much as 3%.” Lee claims. He is looking forward that their efforts will be acknowledge by the government as alternative way to lessen garbage and favorable for farmers who is in need for safe fertilizers. Part of the finish products will be exported in other countries and the remaining will be donated in local farmers in Batangas.

DP Pure Environment Inc., is a local subsidiary of DAEPOONG Fertilizer Co., Ltd of the DAEPOONG Industries Korean conglomerate, has begun the process of accreditation in the Philippines and is well on its way to becoming a fully-operational waste treatment facility that revolutionizes pre-existing waste management processes.

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