>Download and beta test Microsoft Office 2010


>In line with the growing demands of companies and individuals in terms of business presentations and reports, Microsoft brings the latest version of its most popular software in cyberspace – Office 2010. With Office 2010 you can maximize the personalization and usability of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, two MS soft wares I commonly use in work and in blogging.

We all love adding visuals and effects on our PowerPoint presentations to impress our clients and business partners. The problem with PPT before is that it limits us to insert images and videos alone without any customization aside from resizing and borders. With Office 2010 it gives you the control on your images and videos like the screen caps below:

You can change the texture, put borders and even add 3-D effects on your images straight on your Power Point document.

You can load the full video on your Power Point and edit/trim it on the document where you will insert the file.

From the common fade, insert, push and checkered Power Point slide transition, Office 2010 gives you more options to choose like honeycomb, cube, vortex, glitters and many more. See the transition option screen cap below:

And what’s good with the new Office 2010’s Power Point, Word and Excel is that you have the option to compress big files to smaller files that can fit on your emails without deleting slides/pages and media files that you insert on your PPT presentation same with your Docs and Books.

Office 2010 is on Beta right now, for those who wanted to test this upgraded MS Office soft wares you can visit http://office.microsoft.com, the Office 2010 Beta Application contains Word, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, InfoPath, Excel, SharePoint Workspace, and OneNote. Microsoft is always a perfect partner in all business platforms and individual use. Microsoft Visio 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010 is also available for download for beta testers.

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