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>It’s not that I am not happy with my work I love my team so much except with some of arguments on the side, but still we can get along to have long lunch, snacks, and trips going to Trinoma and SM The Block.

What am I ranting about is my personal thing on work, I’m sure everyone wants to have individual growth in their workplace (but others don’t and that is so stupid about those pathetic employees). To those who are reading my blog right now, sorry guys, I included my personal issues again though I wanted to have it all by myself. This is one way I can release excess baggage.

Well I am looking forward on this seminar 3 weeks ago, but unfortunately 4 days before it happen the slot that I am expecting was given to others and God knows how I wanted to be on that conference and I needed it badly. And right now I don’t get the reason why giving it to those who don’t even has the interest to go there. Why! Why! WHY!

I am ranting badly! Why not give it to those who have interest to learn and gain personal growth, instead giving to those who went there and after an hour or two, they disappear.

Father forgive for asking more than I can consume and I never been contended with what I have. 🙁

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