KFC Chizza: chicken and pizza in one!


Did you ever imagine that instead from the usual dough your favorite Hawaiian toppings are on top of the crispy chicken fillet and while you bite it you will enjoy the tenderness of the meat inside? KFC Philippines makes this dream possible with their KFC Chizza now available starting June 8 in all KFC branches.


You will surely enjoy the crispy outside and tender inside chicken fillet topped with pizza sauce, bell peppers, pineapple tidbits, pepperoni and melted cheese. When I tried along with friends, I find it comforting enjoying my favorite pizza toppings in chicken fillet. And it only cost Php 125 for ala carte and you can enjoy it alone or with a friend.


It is also available with a combo meal with mashed potato and regular drink for only Php 160. But here’s my suggestion, buy the ala carte and get a regular fries plus a Krushers you will surely enjoy it will cost you around Php 180 more or less but it will surely give your tummy a treat.

So don’t forget to share your KFC Chizza experience online and use the hashtag #KFChizza and tag @KFCPhilippines the same I do. You might want to tag me via @flowgalindez and let’s exchange messages with that delicious KFC Chizza moment.

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