Valentine’s Day option: Heart-Shaped Pizza from Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo


This is the time once again for the extra lovin’ which we see couples with bouquets of roses and chocolates, but here is something that couples or suitors should take it an option this Valentine’s Day – a heart-shaped pizza from Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo. Of course aside from the sweet gifts like flowers, chocolates, teddy bears or after watching movie it is something to have a very intimate dinner with your special someone but of course restaurants are full on Valentine’s Day that’s why delivery comes very handy for everyone.

The heart-shaped pizza from Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo that is available in pizza overload and chicken parmigiana. It is a good to pair with your favorite beverage or wine plus each family size of the heart-shaped pizza comes with three pieces of Cadburry Dairy Milk in three variants; plain dairy milk, fruit & nut and cashew & cookies. All heart-shaped pizza of Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo is available in thin crust only and for only Php 599.

The Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo heart shaped pizza is available until February 28 so call the delivery hotline now 922.2222 or visit

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